Our Story

Paper Resource is a privately-owned recycling and waste company based in NSW. We pride ourselves on being ethically and environmentally conscious.

Paper Resource operates secure shredding facility including baling, export and transport services, supplying local and international mills with fibrous materials for paper pulp.

This EPA licenced site has approval for processing of up to 48,000 tonnes per annum of paper and cardboard material with commitment to best practice environment solutions.

We maintain close working relationships with all clients and suppliers to develop a strong focus on effective recycling solutions to provide efficiency, reduce waste costs and servicing.


Paper Resource provides complete waste management and consulting services for commercial and industrial businesses across NSW and Canberra. We are trustworthy local recycling partners. We pride ourselves on being ethically and environmentally conscious. We’re entirely Australian-owned and operate here in Sydney.

Complete Waste Management

Our services allow you to focus on your business with the assurance that you’re following environmental best practice.

  • We provide scheduled collection services for recyclable materials and general waste.
  • We supply businesses with bins and storage equipment.
  • We securely destroy paper files, archive boxes, media, fabric and other discontinued products.

Paper Resource is one of Australia’s leading independent recyclers of waste paper, data and plastics in the Southern Hemisphere. We purchase and collect recyclables from businesses throughout Sydney and process them within our secure facilities.

Our Aim & Mission

Our processed materials are used locally and around the world to be recycled and reused for packaging. By recycling your plastics and paper, you’ll help save the environment.

We aim to recycle items we collect and, wherever possible, to offer opportunities for upcycling projects. We are an ethical Australian company helping the circular economy keep on turning.
Our responsibility towards our customers and the environment means that we only use licensed commercial disposal facilities for the waste that we cannot reuse.

We work with all types of businesses from printers and pharmaceutical companies to big warehouses and government departments.


The circular economy is a hot topic for many businesses around Australia and across the globe. We only have one earth. And as some smart cookies have said, “There is no Planet B”. We want to work together to look after it.

As the largest privately-owned recycling company in Australia, Paper Resource has always been committed to protecting the earth’s precious resources by encouraging companies to recycle and reuse waste materials.

We have taken this commitment seriously since we began operating in Sydney back in 1966. We promised ourselves that we would lead the way in innovative recycling processes and have continued that promised to present day.

By choosing to recycle with Paper Resource, you can be assured that your waste materials will be efficiently and responsibly processed. It will be recycled and reused around the world as product packaging.

Importantly, you’ll be able to promote your organisation’s corporate responsibility to both customers and staff – and in doing so, gain the competitive advantage!