Frequently Asked Questions

Do you handle other waste?

At Paper Resource, we don’t just deal with paper and cardboard recycling. We deal with all waste, including CHECK and a whole range of other services.

Can you handle waste project management?

Our team at Paper Resource has over 50 years of combined experience. We can handle anything you throw at us, including waste management consulting and waste minimisation strategies.

Can my bins be emptied at regular intervals?

Yes. We offer a scheduled commercial waste collection service with specified days that will suit your business.

Can a specific day of the week be selected for my waste to be collected?

Yes. The majority of the time, we can accommodate waste collections on your preferred day.

Can I have a time slot?

Yes. We can provide AM or PM time slots on request.

What does a free waste review consist of?

Paper Resource will do a free waste review of your business. This review will cover best practice for reducing your costs and which services will suit your business needs.

What types of material do you collect?

Basically, all recyclable cardboard & paper products, soft plastics, metals, e-waste & clothing. Please check with our office for very specific material.

Can we drop off cardboard at your depot?

Yes, you can drop off all your recycling material at our Kingsgrove depot.

Do you do one-off jobs?

Yes, we do provide one off service, all we need is 24 hours’ notice.

Do we accept metal and plastic and e-waste?

We can accept source-separated metal and LDPE clear film & some hard plastics.


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